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For business owners in Florida, the principle comfort concern is keeping the workspace properly cooled down for employees, customers, clients.That requires an air conditioning system specially sized and installed to handle the needs of the space and those in it. And should the AC malfunction, speedy service is vital to your livelihood. Reach out to the Nate Certified professionals at Liberty Air. They are experienced and trained to work on commercial air conditioners, as well as knowledgable about the design and operation of commercial systems.

New Commercial Air Conditioner Installation and Replacement

If you’re moving your business into a new building or are opening up a new location, installation of an air conditioning system is a key job to arrange. When you call us for your new air conditioning installation, we will work closely with you to see that you receive the right type of cooling system, and that it is sized correctly to lower your overhead, and get the job done on schedule.

Do You Need Commercial AC Repair or Maintenance?

Make sure to avoid repairs in the future. An annual maintenance inspection and tune–up will help your commercial AC work at its best during the long Florida summers.  It will also contribute to your systems efficiency and lifespan!

Air Quality in the Workplace

An indoor air pollution problem exists when a limited amount of fresh air is circulated throughout the office (tight building syndrome); air is circulated at too fast a rate within the workplace; toxic substances are present in the office environment; or outside air circulated into the workplace is polluted. In part, air quality problems are created and compounded by the "sealed buildings" in which many people work. The design of these buildings, intended to reduce energy costs, is being identified as a major source or contributor to worker-reported health symptoms.

In addition, worker health symptoms such as colds, headaches, drowsiness, irritation, and irregular breathing may be brought on as the result of temperature extremes, improper humidity levels, and too little or too much air circulation. Workplace temperatures should be maintained between 68 degrees - 75 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels between 30% - 60%. In addition, drafts caused by too much air circulation should be avoided.

Good Indoor Air Quality promotes productivity and less sick day call outs. It's time to look into Indoor Air Quality options for your workplace!

Server room air conditioning

Most offices require a computer server room and it is vital to ensure that computer hardware and equipment is running at an optimal temperature to ensure that servers do not overheat causing them to slow down, shut down, over heat and blow up.  We also recommend putting in place a support contract so you can call us if there is a problem. Whether you house a single server or an entire server room, Liberty Air has the expertise to keep your servers cool and operational all year round.

Retail air conditioning

Maintaining a comfortable temperature is key to keeping customers and staff happy. Installing an air conditioning unit in the correct place is also key to prevent disruption and discomfort to existing staff members.

Healthcare air conditioning

Climate in the healthcare industry is vital and plays an important role in preserving a sterile and healthy environment for patients and staff. We have a variety of systems specifically designed to actively kill airborne viruses and help with allergies. This is vital in hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, vets and dental labs.

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